Dapeng Bay had been controlled by the military since before World War II. As part of the changing economy, the military abandoned the property and the Central Government and the Bureau of Tourism (BOT) decided to target the bay and the surrounding lands as a center for tourism and recreation. This is currently the single largest BOT project under development in Taiwan.

The Master Plan for Dapeng Bay focuses on tourist oriented land uses such as resort hotels, retail shops, entertainment, marina visitor attractions and various community support uses, and infrastructure. The target markets for the project include both tourists and regional residents. The theme for the project is a tropical beach paradise and marine oriented. These environments and water orientation of the bay set this project apart from competitive projects in Taiwan.

The Phase I development will have three major use areas: the Culture Park, the Sports Zone, and the Water Park. Visitors will arrive at the Military Camp in 1945 with Camp staff dressed as Japanese military personnel. Visitors are provided ID badges which allow access to different facilities based on their “Security Clearance”.

The existing military base will be upgraded to resemble an actual working military base. Buildings will be camouflaged, static displays of sea planes, anti-aircraft guns, etc. will be set up as displays. Building signage will be designed to resemble 40’s era military camp. Displays will be a mix of static/viewing exhibits and interactive hands on experiences and used to explain military camp purpose, life history, etc. Static displays will include renovation of head quarters building staffed with personnel performing their everyday wartime tasks. Guests will be given guided tours and with help of the guide, interact with military personnel.

A new motion based attraction will provide guests with the experience of traveling in a sea plane. Guests ride in a sea plane and tour the mountains and southern tip of Taiwan Island . This attraction will be similar to the ‘Soarin’ Over California’ attraction in Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park . A second major attraction would be an action show set in the bay. Military figures would race around a man-made lagoon chasing each other shooting and creating big splashes of water which would wet guests. A seaplane would be included in the show and crash in the final act. The show will be similar to the ‘Water World’ show at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Guests could also take a Jeep ride through the jungle, delivering supplies to outposts in the Military camp. These jeeps would cross rickety bridges and rush through flowing streams, with visitors nearly falling off the cliff and barely missing the bombing of overhead planes. Within the Military Camp a parade field would be designed to accommodate military parade shows and serve as the major outdoor gathering spot for celebrations and festivals.

Guests will also get a first hand experience of being on look-out in the 80 meter tall ‘Look Out Tower’. From the Look Out Tower, on a good day with clear weather guests will be able to see 100 miles in all directions. An area located ‘outside’ of the military camp would be a recreated village that would serve as the shopping district. Arranged as a Main Street, some buildings would include arts and crafts and others would include shops and souvenirs.

The Mighty Amazon Water World Theme Park will attract guests from all over Taiwan. Just as the real Amazon River meanders through the wilds of Peru and Brazil, guests will wander through the jungle-like environment of Water World. Upon approaching the main entry huts, guests will hear in the background sounds of macaws calling to each other.

After passing through the “mountain village” of shops and restaurants guest head “down river” to experience their first views of the Andes Mountains. Built into the mountains one sees a series of water slides built into the jungle landscape. The slides include a range of experiences for the world traveler – from shooting down a rushing mountain stream, to experiencing the full forces of the Amazon during a flood! The most adventurous guest will journey further into the water world to discover the waves of the Atlantic. In fact they will find a wave pool for swimmers and floaters, and for the bravest – a high surf pool. For the more timid traveler, time in the Lazy River is both relaxing and cooling. Guests are provided free floats to ride on the river and admire the exotic jungle landscape.

The Amazon, sea and aviary show provides a major attraction and experience to learn more about the animals unique to the Amazon – the Anaconda snake, the Toucan, and of course the Giant Horned Toad. After all this the show guests are compelled to ride the riverboats and experience the simulated sights and sounds of the Amazon backwater.

As guests travel “upriver”, they discover a large body of water where geysers have mysteriously started spouting in the Amazon. Jungle guides help guests view the hourly water show of geysers, jets, and water spouts. Night lighting changes the affect of the show entirely and encourages guests to stay into the night and dine at one of several restaurants with VIP views of the geyser. Further “upriver”, guests can personally encounter the intelligence of animals. The interactive dolphin show allows guests to view the animals’ jumping abilities, see them interact with humans, and experience their capability to learn tricks. “Backstage” guests can actually swim with the dolphins through a special touch-the-animal program.

Elsewhere “upriver” guests can see a sea otter and seal show, feed the seals and view other wildlife displays of animals in their natural habitat. The exotic landscape helps create a jungle atmosphere and also provides an appreciated shade cover for our guests visiting the hot, humid jungle. Misters, which are hidden in the trees, create fog effects and cool the air, making time spent in Water World appreciated by all.