This first phase of housing is part of a long-term expansion of the St. John of God campus. The existing campus consists of a series of architecturally interesting buildings and an open and mature landscape. The expansion of the campus will replace much of the open space with new buildings constructed over structured parking.

The Phase 1 building, consisting of 350 units, utilizes a central motor court treated with decorative pavements, overhead trellises, and tropical plantings to create an inviting pedestrian space. A water feature, palms, and seating areas are located in the center of the court. These amenities provide visual and physical links to the adjoining residential and administrative areas. A second water feature is used to separate the motor court from an outdoor seating area. This water element and carefully positioned walls were designed to allow views to the building entry, while providing privacy to the space.

To deal with the on-structure conditions, plantings were located in raised planters or decorative pots. The use of various pot sizes was an economical alternative to the planters and was therefore used extensively throughout the project.

Location: City of Los Angeles

Role: Landscape Architect

Architect: Gonzales Goodale Architects

Owner: St. John of God

Budget: $450,000

Date of Completion: 2002