The Vista Village Town Center is part of a four-phase redevelopment of property adjacent to the Vista central business district. Located between the existing business district and a new riverfront park, Vista Village bridges these two sites while providing the number and variety of entertainment and dining opportunities necessary to ensure a lively public space.

The Village design reflects the eclectic character of the adjacent existing central business district. Main Street extends through the project and is planted with Jacaranda trees set in beds filled with Bird of Paradise shrubs and geraniums. Just in front of the cinema, a central courtyard and a series of landscape paseos reinforce the distinctive garden character. The central courtyard utilizes bands of lithocrete paving embedded with tumbled green glass, arrayed in a aerial spotlight pattern. Adjoining hardscape areas are paved with concrete unit pavers interspersed with large beds of shade trees and flowering shrubs. A grid of palm trees and light fixtures completes the space and connects it visually with the opposite side of Main Street.

The project parking lot features wide planter strips between each parking bay, rather than small fingers disbursed throughout the lot. The planting strips are filled with a wide variety of native shrubs and riparian trees. Trees were arranged to provide maximum shade while maintaining important sight lines to building and project signage.

Location: Vista, California

Role: Landscape Architect

Architect: Benson & Bohl Architects

Implementation Cost: $ 2,250,000

Date of Completion: 2004

Owner: Regency Centers