The Wuhan Meeting Center is the first phase of development in the expanding Eastlake District of Wuhan, China. Intended to be a key component of the economic expansion of Central China, the Meeting Center was seen as a means to attract additional business meetings and tourism to the already popular Eastlake area. As envisioned by the developer, the Meeting Center project would include a 20,000 square meter facility with two large meeting spaces and 10-15 smaller spaces and the adjoining 5-star hotel.

The two facilities are adjacent to the lake and would be developed with boating docks, a swimming beach, and other recreational facilities. The grounds of the Meeting Center/Hotel complex are to include a variety of gardens, comprised of the spiral garden, the rose garden, the winter garden, and the stream garden. The self-contained facility will be of the highest quality in China.

As part of the project, the first neighborhood within the Eastlake District was the initial section to be developed. The plan for this neighborhood featured a 4-hectare central lake that connected to the garden of the Meeting Center. In the design, homes fronted the lake and perimeter parks/gardens or were positioned around “green fingers” that extended into the residential areas. The housing zones are to be developed with three house types, and the plan was zoned accordingly to meet these specifications.

Location: Wuhan, China

Role: Master Planner

Client: Wuhan Yangtze Entertainment Development Company

Budget: N/A

Date of Completion: 2004