• birdseye view of 15th street revitalization
  • digital render overview image of shopping strips and palm tree roads.
  • digital modal of crosswalk and roads with palm trees and cars
  • road and parking lot at 15th street revitalization area
  • artistic crosswalks near shopping center
  • shopping square road
  • artistic crosswalk near beach parking lot
  • two pillars before a dockside walk


15th Street Revitalization

15th Street is a 2-block commercial street located between the two larger commercial districts on Balboa Peninsula, in Newport Beach. The businesses serve local residents and beachgoers and have a casual beach-vibe and are one of the few cross streets that have views of both the Pacific Ocean and Newport Bay. The City leaders wanted to upgrade the public realm and provide additional parking. The R/Hdo design team worked extensively with the public to develop a pallet of hardscape and plant materials that created the desired character and would be durable and withstand heavy use. In addition to the wider sidewalks and new street trees, the plan added 15 parking spaces and improve circulation to the nearby church and elementary school.

Project Team:

Landscape Architect: R/Hdo

Owner: City of Newport Beach

Engineer: Psomas

Implementation Cost: $3,250,000

Date of Completion: Opened 2016