• map diagram of 4S Ranch Town Center
  • map diagram of 4S Ranch Town Center
  • stone bricks sign of 4S Ranch Town Center with fountains
  • close up of drain pipe fountains
  • close up of 4S Ranch Town Center sign and drain pipe fountains
  • tower of the coffee bean cafe behind the 4S Ranch Town Center sign
  • view of synchronized lines of water fountain in front of seating area
  • night view of Pei Wei diner with glowing lights
  • artistic fountain beneath night sky, surrounded by buildings with lit signs

A retail complex at the center of the 4S Ranch development in North San Diego County, this project seeks to provide a level of amenity commensurate with the upscale neighborhood that it serves. Unique fountains identify pedestrian gathering places and buffer the sounds of traffic from adjacent streets. Tree plantings identify circulation corridors and shade parking while respecting the wildfire ordinance, designed to allow residents to remain in the community, instead of evacuating.

Location: Rancho Bernardo, California

Role: Landscape Architect

Architect: LHA Architects

Owner: Regency Centers

Date of Completion: January 2007