• high view of green parks
  • large fountain and waterfall in circular area of concrete surrounded with grass
  • outdoor metal sculpture
  • metal artistic sculpture
  • High view of green grass park lands with cars riding through paved streets and black and white buildings in background
  • artistic concrete microstructures and fountains
  • artistic concrete microstructures and gardening area
  • artistic concrete microstructures and gardening area
  • night lit view of park area with stoney pathway
  • birds eye view of amphitheater beside glassy buildings
  • ground level view of amphitheater and glassy building behind
  • ground level view of amphitheater and glassy building behind
  • wide wooden steps leading up to a indoor staircase

The 4-hectare site was originally home to several thousand people who built illegal dwellings. The City government decided to remove the homes and build a major park to serve the adjacent high-density residential neighborhoods. The proposed design was developed in conjunction with an extensive series of public meetings with representatives of the surrounding neighborhoods as well as representatives from the groups of people who formerly lived on the site.
RHDO teamed with the Taipei based landscape firm of COSMOS to prepare the winning submittal in the City sponsored design competition. The overall design concept provides three distinct park zones: small-scale community parks for individuals or small group gatherings, two large open areas for informal play and events, and the highly shaded forest garden. Within each major zone are a series of sub-uses that provide recreation for all ages. This includes exercise area, play grounds, community gardens, a fog fountain, and a bike/tricycle course. A 1000 square meter community center establishes a visual identity for the park that was also used for the shade structures and bus stops. A series of regular rows of palms and flowering trees were used to visually link the two parks together and to diminish the visual impact of the street which separates the two parks.

Linking the park into the adjacent neighborhoods was another important design goal. Edge treatments define the park boundary and allow pedestrians into the park while keeping motor scooters at the park perimeter. A consistent series of lights, bollards and graphic elements also define the park edge.

Project Type: Master Plan and Schematic Design

Location: Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.

Role: Master Planner and Landscape Architect

Owner: City of Taipei

Budget: (US) $17,000,000

Date of Completion: May 2001