• "Etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest" sign on concrete walls
  • etnies office buildings near fountains with crowds of people
  • urban styled restroom near plaza at Etnies Skate Park
  • outside of Etnies Skatepark with black car parked between rising poles
  • urban styled office buildings behind outdoor picnic benches
  • Teens mounted on bikes wearing protective gear
  • White and red flowers sit atop a green hill lined with amphitheater style concrete blocks
  • street view of sloping hills outside of Etnies Skate Park covered in tall grass and plantlife
  • teens on bikes riding sloped vert concrete.
  • evening view of silhouetted figures beneath tall lights, ridink skateboards on street and vert structures.
  • tall metal lamps.
  • tall semi shade structures.

Etnies Skatepark was conceived to be the largest skatepark in California, a landmark for the City of Lake Forest, and a major attraction for the youth of the City. In order to create a unique park, the goal was to create a seamless interface between the “skateable area” and the surrounding areas used for viewing and the staging of special events. This approach led to the forms of the ‘non-skateable” area with the curving amphitheater terraces acting as an extension of the bowls; geometric forms extending from the urban course.

The park design details were equally influenced by the desire to create both a City landmark and a major youth oriented attraction. The restroom/admin. building and shade trellis utilize sweeping roof forms to reflect the graceful movements of the skaters. Common building materials such as corrugated metal pipe were used to create light standards, entry markers and seat bases.

Paving designs and materials were selected to create the desired identity and to discourage skaters from using certain areas. Finally, various signage elements, including freeway identification, park identification, and a possible cell tower were designed to reflect a youthful character, establishing a unique landmark for the city. The park has won numerous awards and hosted major skating competitions.

Location: City of Lake Forest

Role: Master Planner and Landscape Architect

Architect: Ron Yeo Architects

Owner: City of Lake Forest

Budget: $2,000,000

Date of Completion: 2003