• drawn colorful map of educational park with location legend and key
  • drawn park of greenery and trees
  • intertwined tree boughs arching over park walkway
  • conceptual painting of educational lodge in park
  • concept art of ceremonial area for park
  • concept art of teepees and canvased trees
  • concept art of canvased museum
  • canvas art of teepee for native american park
  • concept art of wooden lodges for native american park
  • concept art of spiritual atrium for native american park
  • concept art of spiritual atrium for native american park

Indigenous Peoples Experience/Fort Edmonton Park

Fort Edmonton Park, is nestled in Edmonton’s scenic river valley, is a place where moments are waiting to be lived, senses come alive and the possibilities are endless as visitors’ step into a historic world between 1846 and 1920. In the Indigenous Peoples Experience, they’ll be able to step further back in time to explore First Nations’ and Métis’ cultural heritages through the use of immersive technology, dynamic exhibits, and live interpreters. Located in a mature forest the building was sited in a drained pond and partially buried in order to reduce the visual impact on the surrounding landscape. A system of new trails link features exploring life and history the historic cultures and link the new facility to an existing train station and other park trails. Guests will be led through a forest of trees into the landscape, pathways and organic wayfinding signage to the Culture Centre, a new purpose-built facility housing a one of a kind immersive experience. The natural world will seamlessly transition guests into dynamic, projection and tree canopy filled space

Landscape Architect: R/Hdo, Master Planning and Schematic Design

Owner: City of Edmonton and Fort Edmonton Management Company

Lead Consultant: nFusion, Concept Design by John King, AOR: Stantec

Implementation Cost: Confidential

Date of Completion: Projected 2021