• arial view of oval shaped Futura City
  • closer arial view of Futura City
  • arial view of Futura City showing uniform buildings
  • view of Futura City with artful tower and large pond with fountains.
  • close arial view of Futura City overlooking pond
  • arial view of sting-ray shaped building
  • side view of curved building for Futura City
  • arial view of ponds and pools in Futura City
  • side view of Futura City with high rises and parking lots and balconies
  • large rectangular building in the sky

Hetzel Design developed a dynamic concept and architectural vocabulary for a “City of the Future,” in Beijing, China.  As Landscape Master Planner, R/Hdo was asked to join Hetzel’s team to design the public realm and prepare a detailed landscape concept design for Phases 1 and 2, along with the attraction zone located in the center of the project. The entire project is over 38 hectares in size and the attraction zone is 2.5 hectares.

The Phase 1 and 2 areas included 15 hi-rise housing towers resting on a two-level podium of retail. These buildings surrounded a man-made island, on which was located a hotel, an indoor/outdoor attraction zone, and public gardens. A proposed Air and Space Museum was featured in the attraction zone and created a strong conceptual and visual identity for the entire project.

The buildings were grouped into four zones. To treat the facades; earth, wind, fire, and water metaphors were developed. The paving designs and landscape materials reflect these four metaphors. Landscape planting used architecturally geometric planting grids and landforms to complement the architectural design.  

Location: Beijing, China

Role: Landscape Master Plan and Concept Design of Attraction Zone

Architect: Hetzel Design

Owner: SkyOcean Development

Budget: NA

Date Of Completion: 2011