• birds eye view of Islands of Adventure theme park
  • airplane play structure and tall brick tower over a bridged river
  • main entrance and ticket huts of Islands of Adventure theme park
  • families walking around colorful tall theme park structures
  • colorful Islands of Adventure theme park buildings with Spiderman on entrance on one of them
  • tall roller coaster towers and sign of Doctor Doom Marvel character
  • green twisting roller coaster in sky
  • colorful theme park area with sign that says Toon Lagoon
  • water rides outside of water lagoon with Popeye character
  • Cartoon mount rushmore structure
  • river water theme park ride
  • cartoon fishing boat structure at Islands of Adventure theme park
  • Jurassic Park building at Islands of Adventure theme park
  • concrete boat entryway near river water
  • stone walkway and bridge railing leading through jungled area to Jurassic Park entry.
  • high rollercoaster behind rocky hut structured
  • stoney waterfall sign reads Poseidon's Fury
  • ancient stone structure at Islands of Adventure theme park
  • wooden and stone structures outside of building with "Alchemy Bar"
  • spraying fountain from stoney structure
  • fantasy stone structure above water river
  • stone statue of griffin at Islands of Adventure theme park
  • close up of stone griffin
  • stone landscape edging on river at the Islands of Adventure theme park
  • colorful tent structures at Islands of Adventure theme park
  • cartoony fish in shallow pools Islands of Adventure theme park
  • cartoony water ride at Islands of Adventure theme park
  • night view of Islands of Adventure theme park theme park with lit buildings
  • stone archway with words that read "The Adventure Lives On"
  • Night view of glowing towers and structure over river at Islands of Adventure theme park

The Islands of Adventure is the second gate in the Universal Florida Resort. Dan Herman, as Principal in Charge for another firm, directed the detailed site design for all six lands as well as the overall project management for the entire area development design team. The six highly themed lands were all designed with different plant and hardscape palettes. Port of Entry was designed to resemble the worn interesting back streets found in the oldest port cities of the world. Seuss Landing used intense colors in paving and unusual formed/textured trees to reinforce the famous Seuss stories. Lost Continent used rockwork, evergreen oaks and palms to recreate the Meditteranean images in the minds of guests. Jurassic Park used abundant tropical plantings and simulated dirt for the paving. Toon Lagoon featured cartoon rocks and wood while allowing the landscape-planting fall into the background. Super Hero used trees clipped in tight forms, stainless steel rail systems and terrazzo pavement to simulate the desired comic book imagery.

Project management responsibilities included coordination with the six separate architectural teams, graphics, and lighting consultants and the daily management of civil, structural, MEP, garden architecture and costing consultants. The project has won numerous awards.

Location: Orlando, Florida


Port of Entry – VOA

Suess Landing – HKS

Lost Continent – Gruen

Jurassic Park – Svedrup

Toon Lagoon – Coleman Casky

Super Heroes – Spillis Candellas

Owner: Universal Studios

Implementation Cost: $74 million (area development)

Date of Completion: 1999