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This 8000 acre site is part of a larger new town development located 75 kilometers south of Shanghai, China. The project was conceived as mitigation for a nearby 24,000 acre Industrial and Business Park. We were selected by The Shanghai Cap Gen Investment Company to assist in securing development rights from the regional government for the entire 8000 acres.

To implement the mitigation program, the government stated that 10% of the site area would be used for a lake, 10% for housing, and 10% for support uses. The remaining land area woiuld be used for parks and open space. The area once known as the “river country” long used canals for circulation, and only developed a road system within the last ten years. The water ways not only provide a central theme for the project, but provide for storm water detention/retention and offer an alternate circulation system linking major parks and public spaces. The Master Plan also includes a meandering lake that serves to link four future development phases.

Constructed in two phases, the central lake provides identity for the project. Surrounding this central feature proposed educational facilities, major parks, a retail and entertainment complex and much of the housing program were sited. The 70 acre Butterfly Lake provides a visual and physical amenity for the entire new community. Major land uses adjacent to Butterfly Lake include an International School and Sports Training Center, an Art Institute, a resort hotel, and a Waterfront Village.

The internal road system utilizes a north/south and east/west road system independent of the existing arterial system surrounding the project siter. Proposed collector roads will provide access to most major use areas within the new community.

A majority of the housing is proposed to be sited to allow views of, or access to the lake. The housing is organized into three distinct neighborhoods. The North Lake Neighborhood is the largest, with the International School and Neighborhood School located in the heart of the neighborhood. This neighborhood includes a wide range of housing types, with every sub-neighborhood having direct access and/or a view of the lake. The South Lake Neighborhood also includes a wide range of housing types. Residents will have views of the Butterfly Lake or the Water Golf Course located to the south. The South Neighborhood is anchored by the Art Institute and an Elementary School. The last neighborhood is located within the 27-hole Water Course and is envisioned as a residential resort neighborhood.

Two Golf Courses (an 18-hole championship course and a 27-hole water course), an ecological park, and forest land buffer the community from industrial development proposed east of the “S” Road and south of Main Road . The ecological park recreates landscape themes from other major water cities found throughout the world. The lake is designed to include wetland and riparian areas to help purify runoff water naturally through ground water recharge. Trails connect the ecological parks and adjacent forest areas. Lastly an additional site has been reserved for a theme park. The theme park will be based on the cultures of the region and provide a regional amenity to help create a better city and better life.

Location: Shanghai, China

Role: Landscape Architect and Master Planner

Owner: Shanghai Cap Gen Investment Company