• side view of landscape and parking lot outside of business center
  • traa and grassy hill outside Norco Business Center
  • outdoor side view of Norco Business Center buildings blocked behind young trees and landscaping
  • tree stump surrounded by french drain of small stones and lined with concrete sidewalk
  • outdoor view of Norco Business Center displaying sidewalk around planting squares of trees and shrubbery.
  • Concrete pathway along the side of Norco Business Center building, weaving through lush and green grass and plant life.
  • raised planting center in front of wooden benches outside of building.
  • semi shaded terrace hanging over potted plants and stone columns outside. Planting area with tree and stone are placed right outside windowed building.
  • side view of landscape and parking lot outside of business center
  • parking lot lined with tall grass, flowers, and short trees
  • semid shading terrace lined with potted plants and stone columns, windows of building in the background.
  • view of street and parking lot from tall plants and short trees
  • concrete walking area outside landscaped buildings
  • stone and curved walking areas between buildings with tower in the background
  • close up of red flower

In suburban communities that grow at the edges of the modern city, low density developments frequently sacrifice character and unity in order to maximize utility and efficiency. Breaking with that tradition, Stratus Development looked to the R/Hdo design team to assist the Norco Business Center in establishing a strong design character, and to connect the buildings with meaningful spaces and interconnections.

Paving patterns identify major spaces at the entries and within the pedestrian network. The planting palette uses low water-use plants on the periphery and then the design transitions to a softer, lusher, more colorful palette in the quiet shaded courtyards.

Location: Corona-Norco, California

Role: Landscape Architect

Architect: J7 Architects

Owner: Stratus Development

Implementation Cost: $ 325,000

Date of Completion: Spring 2007