• map of Oasis Senior Center
  • watercolor painting of Oasis Senior Center buildings
  • lit building beside night sky
  • lit Oasis Senior Center buildings  lit against a night sky
  • outdoor common area with cushioned seating at Oasis Senior Center
  • outdoor common area at Oasis Senior Center
  • outside area of Oasis Senior Center buildings
  • pillars alongside potted plants beside walkway at Oasis Senior Center
  • building overhanging garden plants at Oasis Senior Center
  • gardens beside main entry sign at Oasis Senior Center
  • building with windows overlooking flowers upon a hill side Oasis Senior Center
  • buildings overlooking the road Oasis Senior Center
  • outdoor seating areas outside Oasis Senior Center offices
  • front porch of Oasis Senior Center

An important goal for the City of Newport Beach is to offer a comprehensive provision of services for all segments of its residents. Like many cities, Newport Beach has a growing senior population with unique needs. In 2007, the City, along with R/Hdo, began the process of developing a facility in the heart of Corona Del Mar, a community within Newport Beach.

Oasis Senior Center features classrooms, multi-purpose rooms, community gardens, and a kitchen and auditorium, which all surround a quiet courtyard designed to accommodate gatherings of various sizes. Landscape practices that contributed to the Gold LEED rating included the use of drip irrigation, low albedo paving, and extensive low water use plantings. Images 2 and 3 by RMA Architectural Photography, Tustin, California.

Images 2 and 3: RMA Architectural Photography, Tustin CA

Location: Newport Beach

Role: Landscape Architect

Architect: Robert Coffee Architects

Owner:  City of Newport Beach

Date of Completion: October 2010