Pulai Springs Resort plaza and concrete walking plaza
deep blue swimming pool in spanish or greek styled lounging area

Our original involvement was to provide landscape design services for the golf clubhouse. After the initial site inspection, we were able to convince the owner to revise the roadway plans, reorganize land use patterns, and create a more striking environment for the golf clubhouse.

The entry road, originally designed as a limited access highway, was changed to a two lane abundantly landscaped road, winding through the golf course. The design for the clubhouse landscape used water in a variety of forms to create distinct garden environments for the main vehicular entry and the smaller scale building entry. Palms set in formal rows contrast with the natural golf course landscape and create a clear visual transition zone.

Location: Bahr Johr, Malaysia

Role: Landscape Architect

Architect: Chao, Tse, Ann and Partners

Owner: Pulai Springs Resort Berhad

Date of Completion: 2002