• map of Sharm El Sheikh RD&E
  • drawings of Sharm El Sheikh RD&E river-side buildings and waterfalls
  • drawing of gateway entrance to Sharm El Sheikh RD&E
  • drawing of large Egyptian architectural buildings and towers at Sharm El Sheikh RD&E
  • drawing of buildings overlooking blue pools and waterfalls
  • drawing of Egyptian towers overlooking outdoor restaurants and fountains
  • drawing of  shopping center atrium Sharm El Sheikh RD&E
  • drawing of horizontal Sharm El Sheikh RD&E buildings against blue sky
  • drawing of large columns and high-ceilings beside waterfalls

Combining the most exciting entertainment components of the world’s most popular theme parks with distinctive, world-class retail, and outstanding—one-of a-kind dining—this family-friendly commercial development is a benchmark for future developments in the region and around the world.

What makes this project different? The shopping and dining opportunities are designed so that guests can enjoy scenic water elements no matter where they are, turning the entire development into a true oasis. Canals weave through the retail areas, giving guests the opportunity to take a felucca ride to their next destination in the development. A daytime Fountain Show fronts a huge waterfall, providing endless entertainment for guests dining at the waterfront restaurants.

Finally, a magnificent evening Spectacular Lake Show combines water effects, music, high-tech media projection, soaring music and live entertainers, all providing a fitting climax to this must-see destination.

Location: Sharm-el Sheikh, Egypt

Role: Master Planner/Landscape Architect

Architect: BCR

Owner: RAMW

Budget: NA

Date Of Completion: 2011