• Wooden building with yellow lights beneath evening sky
  • brass fencing in the shape of silhouettes of people dancing
  • wooden building framed with construction beams surrounded by western fence with the word Temecula on the front
  • line of wooden chairs on a porch
  • backyard patio with wooden seating beside a fence
  • people talking beside buffet table at night on fenced back patio
  • close up of water falling over rim of fountain basin
  • large wooden and building with metal beams with a sign on the top that says Old Town Temecula Community Theater

The ambitious plan to build a Community Theater in the heart of Old Town Temecula created a place to express in physical form, the City of Temecula’s motto: “Old Traditions, New Opportunities.” A state-of-the art, 360-seat theater is not easily concealed in the low scale pedestrian environment. By accessing the theater through the historic landmark Mercantile Building from the 1890s, and using the landscape design to visually bridge contemporary ideas to the historic character of the district around it, the theater becomes a valuable part of the larger community.

Location: Temecula, California

Role: Landscape Architect

Architect: FSY Architects

Owner: City of Temecula

Date of Completion: January 2007