• flat topped wood and concrete building with low sign which reads "Westlake Village City Hall"
  • concrete plaza outside Westlake Village City Hall building
  • tall trees looming over concrete plaza
  • shaded concrete area outside Westlake Village City Hall plaza
  • Wooden and brick structure with "Library" hanging from the top
  • concrete columns outside building
  • stone benches beneath shaded trees
  • young trees between concrete flooring
  • concrete planting and sitting areas in Westlake Village City Hall plaza
  • top view of flowing waterfall
  • outside view of Westlake Village City Hall buildings and hilly landscape behind
  • outdoor landscape meeting with concrete and stone curbs around Westlake Village City Hall buildings
  • concrete buildings and fountain pools outside Westlake Village City Hall
  • wooden bench beside large stone in front of trimed english bushes
  • benches beside red rocks in front of low plant life and trimmed english bushes
  • wooden bench in front of larger flowered plants

The new civic complex will provide a visual and physical center for the City’s cultural spirit and citizen-based activities. The complex’s master plan creates two unique outdoor spaces – a formal entry courtyard named “The Civic Plaza,” and an informal garden space named, “The Civic Terrace.”

The purpose of the Civic Plaza is to create a special urban gathering space free from the automobile. The courtyard is softened by a double row of Mexican sycamore trees located on the east and south edges. The sycamore trees are planted in decomposed granite beds and define a seating area, which is anchored by a long rectangular shaped water feature. This provides an interesting visual element, while also providing ambient white noise. The paving pattern begins in the adjacent visitor parking area and extends through the plaza, leading visitors to the Library and City Hall entries.

The Civic Terrace, visible from the Meeting Room structure, provides a contrast to the formality of the entry courtyard in both form and materials. The semi-circular shape opens to the adjacent landscape, extending northern views across Agoura Road. Jacaranda trees were used to define the crescent shape and decomposed granite was installed as permeable paving on the ground plane.

Movable tables and chairs will provide amenities for Library visitors or City workers on break. A second water feature with nine dancing jets animates the space and also provides white noise from the surrounding automobile traffic.

Location: City of Westlake Village

Role: Landscape Architect

Architect: Gonzales Goodale Architects

Owner: City of Westlake Village

Budget: $1,200,000

Date of Completion: 2001